Van Den Hul The Bay C5

Low priced and exhibiting an excellent price-to-performance ratio The BAY C5 has been specially designed for general purpose hi-fi applications. The BAY C5 however is also perfectly suited for internal (pre)amplifier and mixing console wiring applications and as an unbalanced patch bay interconnect.

The design combination of a superior transmission quality, a low conductor-conductor capacitance, a very high screening factor together with a high mechanical flexibility and a long durability, though not being easy to manage, successfully has been achieved.

The high quality conductor material used in this cable is large crystal OFC with a dense silver coating.
The BAY C5  furthermore has been fully equipped with Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) saturated layers which are standard in Van Den Hul’s more expensive cable products. These layers dramatically improve transparancy and imaging – by electrically bridging any metal defects a stable conductivity at the lowest signal levels is obtained.

Available in 1m and 1.5m lengths RCA – longer lengths available as special order only.