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There’s a reason Frank Prowse Hi-Fi has glittering testimonials dating back to the 1990s and continuing well into the new millennium. And that reason has everything to do with their exceptional service and outstanding, up-to-date range of products which includes speakers and home theatre projectors.

Our products change with the times, but one thing that remains the same is our absolute dedication to excellent customer service – covering advice, design, installation and after-sales care. See what just some of our happy customers have to say about our products and service over the decades…

December 2020.

I cannot speak highly enough for the quality and excellent service I recently received from Frank Prowse Hi-Fi.
From initial exploratory in-store contact to completion and handover at installation, the experience was totally professional and service focused.
Now in it’s second generation as a family business, one feels a strong sense of friendliness and pride in the service offered.
Owner Dave Prowse is a pleasure to work with, and, ably assisted by his consultant Jacob, cannot be faulted.
I heartily recommend this company to anyone thinking of investing in audio or sound-related equipment.

Roy Catt Perth

Hi Mark

You’re a bloody magician.
The bass is much stronger and deeper than it’s ever been and mids and highs are as good as they were.
Everything sounds so much more real no matter what I played.
Frankie goes to Hollywood, Adele, New Order, Eva Cassidy, Cream just for example
Absolutely loving all of it the best the turntable has ever sounded.
So thanks again and thanks for your amazing service we will be back.


I am writing to thank you for the professional and patient service I have received from the team at Frank Prowse Hi-Fi over the last year or so.

After many years (decades) of abstinence I decided last year to get back into listening to music on vinyl and the advice and guidance offered by your team, particularly Mark (Hyland) has been fantastic.

Although I did significant research and have a reasonable knowledge of how Hi-Fi systems work and the sound I was looking for, it was the more detailed understanding of the components and the subsequent guidance offered by Mark that has led me to the system and personal satisfaction that I have today.

It is rare, but very welcome, to get such professional and unpressured service in the modern era coupled with a great place to listen to music and very fair pricing, I can assure you I am a very happy customer.



Rob Busselton

Dear Dave & Barb, We just wanted to say thank you for introducing our family to Sonos. Our Sonos system has grown from our first Play 5 to eight Sonos zones. Your help during our recent renovation was invaluable. We play music all the time and couldn’t be happier with the result. Regards Martin Williams, West Leederville

Martin Williams

This is a rather long overdue “thank you” for the expert advice, kindness and set-up support that you and your team provided us with when we purchased our big screen TV plus excellent sound system. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We use and enjoy it every day.

Tracey and Stephen Lawrie and Samm Ardross

I am writing to thank you for the high standard of service I recently received from Gavin Joyce at your store. I was recently looking to buy some entry-level speakers (by your standards). With the aim of not exceeding a certain price point, Gavin demonstrated several possibilities to me. These included Krix bookshelfs and Aaron floor-standers.

After shopping around and doing my research, I decided that I was getting ahead of myself financially. I have ended up purchasing a cheaper brand speakers from another store. Of course, I had to make a huge sacrifice in terms of sound quality but I’ll just have to live with it for the time being.

My chosen sport is cycling and I ride a reasonably high-end bike. Given my experience dealing with bike shops, I am conscious of how some retailers provide quite different levels of service depending upon their perceptions about the type of customer they are dealing with. They dote over high-end prospects and treat entry-level buyers with varying levels of disdain. I experienced a good example of this when dealing (albeit very briefly) with one of your competitors.

So, I just wanted to say that I was grateful for the time Gavin gave me and for his patient friendly and professional approach. He will go a long way in his career with an attitude like that.

Cameron Burchell Cadden Crowe Pty Ltd

Hi Russell,

I am currently listening to my stereo at full ball with no beating of the speakers!! The “sneakers” worked a treat! Yay! Thank you so much for all your help and advice today, and all your help in the past. Love how I will never have to deal with those nightmare copper wires again also! (Very excited about my new Sonos too!)


Hi guys,

It’s taken me a while but always wanted to send some positive feedback on my visit to your store, because it was an awesome experience! I bought a set of Paradigm Atoms a few months ago now and they are absolutely GREAT!! Perfect speakers for what I was looking for. I’d like to thank David for the amazing service and for allowing us to sit in the store and have a listen to some really cool systems. Will be back soon for the next piece of the hi-fi!


Hi David,

Thanks to you for taking the time, listening to what I wanted and selling me quality components. Service is something is lacking in retail for the most part but you and your team are a welcome exception to the rule. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.


To David and everyone else at Frank Prowse:

I have to record here my appreciation of Dave and his dedication to customers…well and truly beyond the call! Thanks so much Dave – really appreciated and the system is again sounding like it should.



I would like to say thank you for our new hi-fi system. We ended up with the Vincent SA-31 pre-amp, SP 331 power amp and CD-S1. 1 CD player along with the Paradigm Studio 60 speakers and a Rega turntable. I have been playing the system for the last six days and I love the sound of it. Both CD and vinyl sound fantastic with a warm sound, excellent bass and good detail. It is so much better than anything we have had before.

Thanks to Russell for his patience demonstrating a few different setups for us (on more than one occasion) and for recommending the gear that we eventually purchased. We have been very happy with the service we have received.

Ray and Kerry Halse

Dear David,

Last year I carefully researched surround sound systems for my home. As a result I visited numerous retailers in Perth, and after much consideration narrowed it down to two possible suppliers, one of them being you.

As a result of very keen pricing, and the fantastic customer service I received from you and your staff, especially Russell, you won my business. It was a delight not only to receive great value pricing, but to receive friendly, professional service that made the entire experience enjoyable.

I then used your installation service, and this only increased the positive experience as your installer made a first class job of the installation, gave me top advice on how to use the system, and made all the initial system adjustments for me.

Over the Christmas/New Year break my children and I had plenty of “Movie Nights” and every one was fantastic. I am completely delighted with the system. You and your staff are to be congratulated on delivering fine products with top class service. I will not hesitates to recommend you to friends, as this this has been such a great purchasing experience for me.

I wish you all a very successful year and you may rest assured of my future custom when the desire to upgrade arrives!

With the warmest of thanks,

Max Noble

Hi Dave,

Last night I hooked up my new pair of Paradigm Stylus 370’s outdoor speakers. WOW!

Jasmine and I couldn’t believe the difference in what we were hearing. They are wonderful!

Clear, detailed, warm and inviting – we sat and listened like we haven’t done in years – cant believe these are actually outdoor speakers – they sound THAT good! (Even though these are by far the cheapest pair of speakers I’ve ever bought from you!)

My only regret – we have been listening to rubbish speakers outside for too long – such a waste! Thanks so much!

Dave Parry GetWise Finance

Hi David,

I’d like to thank you and all at Frank Prowse Hi Fi for the great job you’ve done in recommending and installing the audio visual system throughout our new house.

You smoothly and effectively handled all the necessary arrangements with the builder regarding cable installation throughout the house and identified a couple of potential problems on site with cabinetwork early enough for us to take remedial action.

As soon as the site was ready, not only did Adam and Zac install and set up everything quickly and efficiently, they also took great care with handling our furniture, with measuring and cutting openings to fit speakers, with spray painting outdoor speakers to our specific colour requirements, and so on. I only wish that the other tradesmen we have had around the house were half as competent, conscientious, considerate and courteous as your guys.

Your after sales service had also been impressive. Considering that we had three plasma screens, one LCD screen, all the related equipment, 14 Sonos zones, more speakers than you can shake a stick at, a couple of Nevo controls and other bits and pieces to install and commission, it was no surprise that there were a couple of small wrinkles to iron out.

But Adam, Zac and Chad all responded promptly and effectively and those little issues were soon resolved. Right throughout this project, Frank Prowse Hi-Fi has provided us with exceptional before and after sales service, thank you.

Ross Evans

Dear Sir, On the 15th August, 2007, Chad and Adam installed our new Pioneer PDP5000EX 50″ plasma television. We would like to acknowledge their very professional and polite manner in the way they went about installing our plasma television.

Chad originally mentioned the Pioneer PDP5000EX 50″ plasma when he installed our other Pioneer plasma set. He then returned to your showroom and advised Russell Howman of our interest in the 50″ television. This contact, plus Russell’s participation, resulted in the purchase and installation of the current television.

Chad also mentioned today about the Pioneer Blu Ray player and the Denon 2807 receiver and this resulted in a telephone call by Peter Jennings to Russell and will be discussed further.

With attention to detail and really excellent service, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and we would ask you to pass on our sincere thanks to Chad and Adam.

Marlene and Peter Jennings Subiaco

Just a note to let you guys know that all went well with the setup of the new equipment and the sound is fantastic!

Thank you again for the best hi-fi assistance in Perth and all the help, which was much appreciated.

Glyn Green

Dear Mr Prowse and team, I just wanted to write a short e-mail to thank you for your advice and service in helping us choose our home theatre system.

Even though we were constrained by our tight budget, the results achieved with the components chosen were well beyond our expectations. Our first visit to your store was three months before we proceeded with our purchase and even though we visited many other stores, your honesty certainly left an impression on both my wife and I.

The installation posed some challenges for  your team but they overcame them. What impressed me most was that they treated my home with the same respect and care that I would expect.

Your after-sales service was highlighted when we had a problem with the DVD player. You sent a representative the same day with a replacement and it has been totally trouble-free since.

You and your team have shown that having an enjoyable home theatre system does not have to cost the earth and neither does the pleasure of dealingwith a credible vendor – a rarity these days.

Thank you again.

Nishan and Liz Kodituwakku

It is now more than 18 months since my wife Jackie and I washed up at your shop, almost drowned in flashy tech and hype. Our old system had died, and we wanted to get back in touch with our music.

I’ve wanted for some time to express my gratitude to you personally. Unlike anyone else we had spoken to, you believed us when we explained we mostly listen to classical music and care about it; we don’t care about home theatre; we were not going to spend $10K on a pre-amplifier, now matter how exquisite.

You showed us equipment that immediately brought out depths we had been missing in the sample CDs we brought along. You allowed us to hear with our own ears that the more expensive amp made Beethoven’s cellos even clearer – not that it had more impressive statistics, or was favoured by people who listen to music other than ours.

In the end, we bought NAD gear and the sweetest little pair of Dynaudio speakers. We’ve enjoyed every single moment since, re-discovering and expanding our music collection. Of course we spent more than we originally planned – you deserve the up-sale. It’s been worth every dollar.

Oh, and the whole system came through the Bicton tornado last year untouched.

Thanks, and every success to you.

Iain Massey Bicton

Dear David,

It has now been a few months since you installed our new system and we felt we just had to inform you that the WOW factor remains.
Visitors are all suitably impressed and we’ve had some great nights. We just wanted to let you know that the products, and particularly the service we received from yourself and your staff was second to none.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kim and Geoff Hoddy

I would like to thank all the guys at Frank Prowse Hi-Fi for the exemplary service we received when we upgraded our audio and video equipment. The equipment we purchased proved to be in our opinion simply the best of each component that we could have hoped for, thanks to the helpful advice we were given by your very professional sales staff and the extremely high standard of components and leads stocked by your company.

When buying a complete system it is essential to have the equipment installed by people who can ensure the system works to optimal level. I would like to thank the installation guys for the professional way the equipment was installed and components set up and wired up. The advice on usage saved a great deal of time in the learning curve, which meant I would enjoy the system much sooner.

Thank you to all the friendly staff at Frank Prowse Hi-Fi, I have and will continue to recomend your company to andone that rerquires good service and high-quality sound and video equipment.

Mark Nairn Beeliar

You guys certainly know how to make shopping a very pleasant experience. Saturday before last I was a very happy guy when I left your store with five Dynaudio Audience speakers, a Denon AVR-2802 receiver and various cables and plugs. Once back in Bunbury I connected everything up and put on my wife’s Grace Knight Stormy Weather CD. My wife, who to date hasn’t been at all interested in hi-fi, suddenly realised what it is all about. The sound was so transparent, precise and dynamic.

Another CD where James Morrison blows his trumpet full force, which in the past has sounded very strident, now sounded completely musical without a hint of coarseness. Massed choirs assumed a whole new dimension with individual voices seemingly resolved.

The equipment was able to reproduce movie soundtracks, at times with extraordinary power yet at other times with delicate subtlety. I am absolutely delighted.

You were right, too, about the VA810 Velodyne, everything teams up with it very nicely.

Did you know that the Denon AVR-2802 received has little black plastic plugs filling the holes in the centre of the speaker terminals where banana plugs normally go? Even the manual only mentions screw posts for bare speaker wires. I was pleased to find however that the plugs could be easily removed, revealing banana sockets.

Thanks again.

Mike Griffin

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you in writing for your first-class customer service. The purchase of a new stereo amplifier may seem a simple enough task to most, however if you are as passionate about the sensual quality of sound as you and I are, the purchase of a new amplifier is a formidable task.

Thank you, Chris, for the personalised service, time and effort you took to ensure the purchase I made was the right one for me. Your wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for music were greatly appreciated. I will have no hesitation in recommending to any of my friends in the market for hi-fi-equipment to see you at Frank Prowse.

Paul Thomas Verity Jandakot

Dear Mr Prowse, I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t write and say I am so happy with all my new equipment I bought from you, with the help of Mr Gladdle who was very patient with such a novice. I had Steve and Peter here yesterday to put my other speakers in, move my CD player and a new cable from my antenna, which has made such a wonderful difference.

I really don’t know how Steve was able to do the cable but with much difficulty and incentive, he managed to crawl into my difficult ceilings and do so many ingenious “feats”. Peter originally set up my equipment and has been so caring and helpful with all my new equipment and video camera.

This letter is in appreciation to everyone. Thank you.

Peg Samson Bicton

Dear Russell, you may remember me, Irene, husband Alistair, and son Barry, who recently bought a set of Krix speakers. I wanted to write and thank you for your help and tell you how pleased we are with our new sound system and for going that bit extra as a salesperson to make us really happy. We were not in doubt that the Krix speakers were the ones we wanted after listening to them and of the two finishes, jarrah or black, I had much preferred the jarrah. That was until I saw them in our home setting. I knew they did not match, looked odd and I would never have been happy with them – a typical female response, I know. I did not think you would entertain exchanging them and it was Barry who said we can only ask. I was delighted when you did and I wanted you to know that we are now very pleased with the result.

I know the Gales were not worth much as the repair job would be expensive but it was your willingness to consider them that brought us into your shop in the first place. If you had not done that we would probably have gone to a shop much closer to home. In the end, it is getting customers into the shop that counts. Price is a major consideration and whatever way you worked the figures to give us a discount or consider it a trade-in on the Gales was appreciated.

I felt I had to write and show our appreciation as we were probably one of your more awkward set of customers, and if you can make them happy you have succeeded! Alistair did not show a lot of interest in the speakers in the shop as he could not hear the difference with what we were comparing but when the Krix was set up at home with other equipment and music he knew, the difference was obvious to everyone and he was very happy.

Thank you for your time and patience and for your extra help in making us truly satisfied with our new sound system.

Irene H. Low Stirling

Mr Prowse, several weeks ago on a Thursday night you spent a couple of hours helping me to pick out a hi-fi-system. I went home that night with a NAD amp, two Dynaudio speakers and a Marantz CD player. You might recall the Cowboy Junkies and Chris Isaak….

I’ve meant to call earlier but wanted to wait until my ears got used to the new sound.

Well, they are comfortably at home with the new sound. Not as heavy as the Cerwin Vegas I had before in Canada but the richness of my favourite albums is definitely there. I’m still hearing new things almost every time I play a CD. It’s also nice owning speakers that can pick the difference in CD players.

I’m very happy with my purchase and wanted to thank you again for your unhurried, careful service. It was a pleasure shopping in your store.

Mark Grigoleit Vector International Pty Ltd
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