AV Receivers

An audio-video (AV) receiver is a vital component in your home theatre system set-up. It allows you to connect to and control your speakers and amplifiers – the audio components, and your TV, projector, DVD player, etc. – the video/visual components. Think of an AV receiver as a “control centre” for your home theatre system; it simplifies your experience and makes it more manageable. You can use one remote for your AV receiver rather than playing with many remotes.

At Frank Prowse Hi-Fi in Perth, we will happily recommend AV receivers to suit your specific set-up and provide installation so that all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your home theatre experience. Our trusted brands include Anthem and Arcam. See our range of amplifiers in Perth, which will make your audio-visual experience even more spectacular and can be connected to your AV receiver.

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