Frank Prowse Hi-Fi history and profile

Frank Prowse Hi-Fi was established in 1990 in Perth by father-son duo Frank and David Prowse. Frank began working in the hi-fi business in the 1950s in the UK at what was then Stanwood Radio. He immigrated to Perth in 1964 where he got a job in the audio-visual section of Boans department store. Frank went on to work in the hi-fi departments of the first Kmart in Morley and then Alberts Hi-Fi and became a director and share-holder of Alberts Hi-Fi before resigning to pursue his own business ventures. This resulted in Frank working at Bob Jones Audio for 12 months before buying the business from Bob and changing the name to Frank Prowse Hi-Fi in 1990. David joined his dad in 1991 and Frank retired from the business in 2008.

David’s love for hi-fi also started early when he began working part-time with Alberts Hi-Fi when he was still in school. After finishing school David worked for Leslie Leonard Hi-Fi where he was the head installer for three-and-a-half years. David went on to work in sales and then management at Alberts Hi-Fi before joining Frank at Frank Prowse Hi-Fi in 1991. David took over from Frank as Managing Director in 1998, directed and undertook the development of a new store and continues to run Frank Prowse Hi-Fi with his wife Barbara.

Frank Prowse Hi-Fi is where you’ll find exceptional hi-fi products, including speakers and home theatre systems, the best home theatre projectors, hi-fi furniture and more…

So what is our point of difference?


Our staff have chosen the audio-visual industry as their career path and they’re passionate about recommending the right products and then providing design and installation services for your complete convenience. Not only that, but we have decades of combined experience which means we have witnessed numerous upgrades to technology over the years and enjoy keeping up with the latest industry offerings.


While we do stock an impressive list of brands, care has been taken to select those that have proven performance standards and have shown longevity in the industry. We want you to keep coming back for another 30 years, and 30 years after that! So we take great pride in choosing the right product ranges to offer a balance between excellence and choice.

No pressure

We know there’s nothing worse than feeling pressured by an eager salesperson to make a hasty purchase. And that’s exactly what we don’t want! We actually want you to make careful, informed decisions about your home audio speakers and theatre systems, and we’re simply here to help.

No bias

None of our staff – or our store – receive rewards or incentives for spruiking a particular product or brand to customers. We recommend and sell a variety of brands and remain unbiased towards any one brand, unless of course we believe it’s the best option for your needs!


There’s a reason customers come to us for advice, design and installation of their speakers and home theatre projectors… and then come back again in the decades that follow for an upgrade! We love what we do and we love helping the people of Perth enjoy stunning visuals and cracking sounds. We believe you can’t be over-serviced, which is why we aim to service, service, service!


Our staff are expected to know their products, and they do. Expertise starts with advice and then extends to the ability to work with house plans to design audio-visual aspects in your home, and then be able to provide installation alongside your builders. We’ve installed home theatre systems up to $500,000 in value, which clearly demonstrates a high level of expertise.


Australian Hi-Fi Association Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association
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