Best home theatre speakers, Perth

Half the experience of movies is in the sound. Music, sound effects, speech and commentary are all integral to our understanding of the story line. We have some of the best home theatre speakers in Perth, with market-leading brands such as Paradigm, Monitor Audio and of course Sonos speakers.

Surround sound speakers

Is there anything better than room-filling sound, the feeling of being immersed in a movie, experiencing the sounds up-close-and-personal – every conversation, explosion, song and more… this is what surround speakers deliver. The opportunity to have it happen around you, to enjoy your very own cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

In-ceiling speakers

A home theatre set-up isn’t complete without sound coming at you from the front, back, sides and above! That’s where in-ceiling speakers come in, assisting with a natural sound experience, just like at the moves…

Stereo speakers

Stereo speakers are a combination of two or more speakers which work together to direct sound from different directions, for the most natural sound experience possible.


Are you all about that bass? Your home theatre system won’t be complete without a subwoofer. Subwoofers enhance those low bass tones and work in with your other speakers for a comprehensive sound range, time and again.

Of course we also stock the amplifiers Perth residents need to hear it all that bit louder…

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