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Many families face the same dilemma… one set of speakers, multiple tastes in music. Different ages, different eras! Mum and dad like a bit of everything, but definitely don’t mind a bit of music from the 80s. Your teenager won’t have a bar of what you’re listening to, and maybe you feel the same about their music! Kids want the latest boppy songs by their favourite TV band and what about singing in the shower?

It’s all possible with multi-room audio systems brought to you by brands such as Sonos and Arcam. Sonos speakers provide the perfect solution with a single app which is able to control each speaker with ease, controlling what’s played, in what order and how loud. More than one person can have the app so you can each control your own speaker, or all of them! At Frank Prowse Hi-Fi in Perth, we provide design and installation of Sonos speakers and other multi-room audio systems. We’ll provide advice about products and help you find something to suit your budget.

Not necessarily after a multi-room solution? We have the complete range of audio speakers Perth residents need for better sound and greater enjoyment.

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