Blue Horizon Sanctum Isolation Plinth

September 27, 2016

The Blue Horizon’s new Sanctum isolation platform is specifically designed to isolate individual high-performance components such as turntables, DACs, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, CD players and streamers from all sources of unwanted vibration. The platform’s construction brings together a selection of carefully chosen materials from opposite ends of the elasticity spectrum, combining them in such a way as to dramatically reduce resonance evenly across the audio band.

As one our Sanctum clients noted – “a proverbial veil did lift so the performance was more in its own space and her voice had more nuance with more heft to the bass drum and yet more foot tapping!”

The Blue Horizon Sanctum is now in store now, priced at $399 – available in Matt Black or Matt White.

Blue Horizon Sanctum Blue Horizon Sanctum