Christmas is coming!

October 30, 2015

With the big annual holiday period just around the corner, there is no better time than now to┬ástart considering what gifts to give your partner, parents, children, siblings and even the boss! (you never know, it might help with that wage increase you’ve been hoping for!). Between now and Christmas, we at Frank Prowse Hi-Fi will be offering suggestions based on performance, features, price and reliability.
Let’s start off with the Ruark Audio R2 MKIII desktop system. This wonderful system needs to be heard to be believed. A compact desktop system with a multitude of features and sound quality to boot. Need FM and digital radio? The R2 has you covered. Internet radio? Check. Bluetooth in-built? Confirmed. Adding to that already-impressive list is the ability to stream music (via Wi-Fi) from your smartphone, tablet or even computer home network, even online subscription services (Spotify Connect is built-in). For legacy components you also have a auxiliary line input.

So, that’s the main features. Now let’s talk sound quality. The R2 MKIII has a sonic character that no other desktop system of this size can match. Acclaimed UK hifi magazine, What HiFi, have just given the Ruark R2 MKIII their “2015 – Desktop Product of the Year”, and deservedly so.

There’s not an awful lot more we can say about the R2 MKIII. Oh, did we mention it looks gorgeous? Available in three stunning finishes (Rich Walnut veneer, and a choice of either Soft White or Soft Black lacquer finish), the unit has a look and style that will suit any decor.

The Ruark R2 MKIII is available now, priced at $899.

Ruark R2 MKIII – Frank Prowse Hi-Fi
Ruark Audio R2 MKIII Desktop Stereo System
Ruark Audio R2 MKIII Desktop Stereo System