Niles OS6.3SI

The goal of the new Niles OS Indoor/Outdoor line-up is to raise this bar with refined appearance and superior sonic performance, once again establishing a benchmark by which all others are judged. The new Niles OS Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers owe much of their performance and sound quality advantage to design elements pioneered in the award-winning Niles DS Directed Soundfield™ Loudspeakers. Their engineering advances come from Niles’ integrated approach to driver and cabinet design. By integrating the woofer basket into the baffle of the cabinet, Niles are able to increase the woofer cone-area to cabinet-width ratio, thus enabling OS Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers to provide levels of bass performance that substantially exceed their physical size. However, deeper and more powerful bass isn’t the only refinement in the new OS Indoor/Outdoor line-up. A new and modern style enables OS Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers to blend seamlessly with architectural elements, both indoors and out. After the installation is complete, you will be astonished by the experience of hearing such clean and powerful sound coming from such an elegant-appearing loudspeaker.

Woofer Technology
Patent pending integrated woofer/baffle assembly increases cone area to provide powerful bass output 6” Mica-filled polypropylene cone is extremely rigid to reduce breakup and lower distortion Butyl rubber cone surround damps resonance and provides exceptional durability Dual voice coils deliver both left and right channels from one loudspeaker

Tweeter Technology
Stereo Imaging tweeter array directs the high frequency sounds from both the right and left channels into a space from one loudspeaker Dual 1” UltraSilk® dome tweeters with fluid-cooling and ultra-wide dispersion for clear and detailed high frequencies

Stereo Input “Si” Design
Plays both left and right channels to provide broad sound coverage and a stereo effect from a single loudspeaker

Integrated Woofer/Baffle Assembly
Increases the woofer cone-area to cabinet-width ratio for enhanced bass output

Mica-Filled Polypropylene Woofer Cone
Reduces breakup and lowers distortion

Butyl-Rubber Woofer Cone Surround
Damps resonance and provides exceptional durability

Delivers both left and right channels from one loudspeaker

Dual UltraSilk® Dome Tweeters
One-inch fluid-cooled tweeters provide ultra-wide dispersion for clear, detailed, and extended high frequencies

Directs the high-frequency sounds from both the right and left channels from one loudspeaker

Weatherproof Engineering
Enables OS loudspeakers to handle extreme hot, cold, and moist environments, exceeding the military’s strict anti-corrosion specification MIL-STD-883D

Advanced Material Science
Elevates appearance and longevity of the cabinet and grille, plus enhances the performance of the woofers, tweeters, and crossovers

Delivers stellar acoustical performance, yet tucks discreetly away into corners and under eaves

Low-Diffraction Grille and Front Baffle
Ensures that the sound waves emanating from the woofer and tweeter are not reflected by the surrounding parts of the loudspeaker for precise imaging and acoustical accuracy

Rigid, Acoustically-Inert Cabinet
Prevents transmission of unwanted vibrations for clean and dynamic bass response

All-Weather Versatility
Reduces installation limitations to provide great sound from the beaches of Miami to the harsh winters of Minneapolis

Home Theater Applicability
Enables OS loudspeakers to be used as left, center, right, or surround speakers in home theater systems

Integrated Mounting Bracket and Shelf Stand
Provide a variety of secure, quick and easy mounting solutions

Tapered Shape
Facilitates mounting in corners and under eaves

Inverted Gold-Plated 5-Way Binding Posts
Repel moisture and ensure positive connections in virtually any conditions over long periods of time


The Niles OS6.3SI Weatherproof Outdoor Speaker is available in either Black or White.