Isotek EVO3 Genesis

There are a number of devices already on the market that are commonly referred to as ‘mains regenerators’. Typically, these attempt to synthesise an ‘ideal’ mains sine wave by subjecting the incoming mains supply to a 50Hz ‘template’. The effectiveness of these regeneration systems is at least partially dependent upon the level of distortion of the incoming supply.

IsoTek’s Genesis is distinctly different. Unlike existing regenerators, it builds a completely new sign wave with two 300W generation engines running in class AB, giving a total output of 600W of continuous, newly generated power built within an extremely low-distortion sine wave generator. Two class AB amplifiers then amplify this signal; these have high-quality output transformers with copper foil between the primary and secondary output, thus preventing distortion and noise passing through the unit.

A critical part of the process is IsoTek’s unique synchronous sine wave system, which replicates the frequency with zero variation so as not to create destructive harmonic distortions (beat frequencies) between the incoming mains supply and the generated electricity. In addition to eliminating distortion and producing an ultra-stable sine wave, the Genesis also controls mains voltage, ensuring the output voltage is maintained at 230V +/- 1%. By way of comparison, the European standard is 230V +/- 10%.

The end result is an extremely precise and consistent 230V/50Hz mains sine wave with vanishingly low levels of distortion, independent of the input quality of the power line. Whatever the level of distortion of the incoming mains supply, Genesis delivers exceptionally low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of between 0.05% and 0.17% with typical loads, remaining well below 0.3% with even the most complex loads.

The Genesis was born from a desire to make a more effective mains generative component, as Keith Martin, IsoTek’s founder and managing director, explains. “We looked at existing regeneration systems and thought ‘we can build something better’; six years of extensive R&D later and this is the result. We call the Genesis a multiple mains generator, rather than a regenerator, to emphasise the unique way in which it operates – using two 300W Class A/B generation engines to create a fully optimised mains sine wave from scratch. No other device delivers such ultra-low levels of distortion with such unerring consistency, and the resultant uplift in sound quality is remarkable: clearer, smoother and better defined, more open, dynamic and engaging.”