Frank Prowse 1930 – 2018

December 7, 2018

It is with great sadness that we let all our clients and friends know that Frank Prowse passed away yesterday at 88 years of age. He was blessed with 88 years of good health and a very brief 3 weeks of illness.
Frank loved the hifi industry dearly and his love of music never faded.
He was involved in the fledgling audio industry from his very early days working and managing Stanwood’s Radio in the UK, before emigrating to Australia in 1964.
In Perth he worked briefly for Canes and Knowles electrical store, before joining Boans department store in Perth in the brown goods department (TV and Audio) in 1965. He left Boans in 1968 to open Perth’s first K-Mart store in Morley where he managed the Electrical department.
In 1970 he was headhunted by Alberts HiFi owner Hal Wallis and joined the team at the Hay Street East Perth location. The Alberts organisation expanded and Perth HiFi was opened in Hay street Perth, after Alberts HiFi purchased Hoods Records. This was on the location of the current Wesley Centre. Frank Managed this store. When the Wesley Centre redevelopment was planned, Perth HiFi moved to the new location of 396 Murray Street.
The name changed shortly after to Alberts HiFi and this became the iconic location for HiFi stores in Perth for many years.
Within 100 metres of the Alberts HiFi location we soon saw Douglas HiFi, (later to become Brashes) Sound Advice, Audio World, The Sony Shop and West Coast HiFi all arrive, at various times and location on the Murray Street strip.
Frank became a director of Alberts HiFi which had now expanded to 5 locations including East Perth, Victoria Park, Fremantle, Northlands and Leslie Leonard HiFi in City Arcade Perth where his son Dave first started work after finishing high school in 1976 under store manager Vince Ross.
After a disagreement in business direction with Alberts, Frank decided at the ripe old age of 60 to go it alone and purchased Bob Jones Audio in Mosman Park from ex-client, turned retailer Bob Jones. Bob got into the HiFi business as he said it was cheaper to go into the business than keep buying HiFi from Frank.
Frank took over the business in 1990 and changed the name to Frank Prowse HiFi.
Bob always told Frank that it would never be more than a one man shop but in the hey days of the industry in 2000-2007 we had 14 staff so the business had grown considerably under Frank’s leadership. Frank retired from full time work in 2007 at 77 years old. He continued to assist us with various pick ups and drop offs up until 5 weeks ago when his decline began.
Thank you to all those that have made contact with us in the past 24 hours – your thoughts and condolences are so appreciated. It is such a joy to hear the old stories of Frank’s relationship with you all.

May he rest in Peace in Hi-Fi Heaven
But have it turned up all the way to 11.

Dave and Barb Prowse, Sister Sharon and their families

Frank Prowse 1930 – 2018