Ortofon MC A95 – The Pinnacle of Vinyl Reproduction

April 20, 2017

It is with great pleasure that we can announce we are officially the West Australian-exclusive re-sellers for the acclaimed Ortofon MC A95 90th Anniversary Moving Coil Cartridge. Only a handful of dealers worldwide are bestowed status as an A95 reseller, and it is a testament to both the brands we represent, the knowledge and experience we have in the hi-fi sector, and importantly, what the Frank Prowse Hi-Fi name stands for. We will have a unit on permanent demonstration in our showroom in the coming weeks – we encourage anyone who wants to have a listen to what the vinyl format can truly offer, to come down and have a listen once setup (using a Luxman/Paradigm reference system).

A downloadable brochure on the MC A95 can be found here:-

We are excited – stay tuned!

Ortofon MC A95 95th Anniversary Moving Coil CartridgeOrtofon MC A95 95th Anniversary Moving Coil Cartridge