Blood, Sweat and Tears Live – The REVIEW!

December 1, 2015

Hi Friends,
I got chatting with some friends recently, discussing concerts that we have attended and I have been waxing lyrical about having seen Blood Sweat and Tears when they were in Perth a few weeks back. They played at the Regal Theatre and we were fortunate enough to be 4 rows back and nice and central to the stage.

From the very first note you knew that you were in the presence of some amazing musicians.

Blood Sweat and Tears were first established in New York City back in 1967 and have continued as a working band through to current day having had around 150 members over that time. On this tour the longest established member had been with the band for 30 years. They added a new front man in 2013 after the then current front man David Aldo, returned to a solo career . A guy called Bo Bice who had been runner up in the 2005 American Idol TV show was approached by the band to be the new front man. The winner of Idol that year was Carrie Underwood and his first solo album almost outsold hers. He sang Spinning Wheel a very well known BS&T song during Idol so BS&T had a good idea of his capabilities.

His voice matched the BS&T sound so well it became a natural fit.

However as impressive as Bo was within the band and believe me he is a fantastic front man, with great audience interaction skills, it was the band’s latest addition that had everyone’s draw dropping. The most recent member of the band was the new drummer who BS&T discovered on You Tube. He is a Kiwi (almost Australian) and his name is Dylan Elise. I have been showing friends a You Tube clip of a solo he also did on the night of the Perth concert. Not your usual drum solo by any means, it was entirely done using just his High Hat cymbals and stand. He received a standing ovation and everyone was gob smacked. Have a look for yourselves at the linked YouTube clip below and take close note of his stick skills they are truly remarkable.

The talent throughout this band is exceptional and if you see them heading our way again, or they happen to be playing in a city you are visiting then get a ticket and relive an amazing era of Jazz Rock that both Blood Sweat and Tears and the likes of Chicago provided during the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Enjoy the clip.
Happy Listening.