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Projection screens, Perth

A quality made projector screen will support the visuals you want to see most. If you’re having a home theatre system installed then chances are you’ll be spending some time looking at your projector screen, so you better make sure it’s a good one. Screens are often the underestimated hero of a home cinema set-up. If you think you can buy a good projector and any screen will do, think again!

The projection screens we stock are designed and manufactured to enhance the visuals being projected onto them, with technology to counterbalance issues with light. In fact, Screen Innovations has designed a screen which can be used even with the lights turned on. Our other brands include Screen Technics, Stewart Filmscreen and Dynamic Screens – all of which are known for their performance in supporting quality visuals. Of course, we also stock the best home theatre projectors Perth residents need for a magnificent home cinema set-up.

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