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Hi-fi systems with turntables, Perth

Turntables are essentially record-players and we stock everything you need to play those vinyl tracks… so unearth that magnificent collection of vinyl records and enjoy music the way it used to be! We stock the highly regarded Denon, Luxman and Rega brands, so if you’re looking for hi-fi systems with turntables in Perth, look no further than Frank Prowse Hi-Fi.


Vinyl records require care, which is why we stock a variety of clean and care products. Where possible, the Record Revirginizer will help restore your records to their original condition. You’ll be able to maintain the cleanliness and performance of your vinyl records by cleaning them with the VPI Vinyl Cleaning Machine and RCA Vinyl Record Care System.


We stock a comprehensive range of cartridges by Ortofon, a world-leading cartridge manufacturer founded in 1918. So you can be assured the quality of Ortofon cartridges has been honed over many decades and will enhance your turntable’s performance. If you’re unsure which cartridge you need, you’re not alone! Give us a call and we’ll help you choose the one you need to suit the components you already have.

Turntable calibration service

We repair and calibrate turntables, with access to a comprehensive range of parts and accessories to enhance the sound quality of your vinyl records and the performance of your turntable. We provide cartridge and stylus upgrades to improve the performance of your unit and will happily educate you how to clean and look after your vinyl records and styli.