Home theatre system remotes, Perth

A custom-designed and installed home theatre system needs a fully programmable remote control. The last thing you want when you’ve had a comprehensive custom home theatre system installed for you is 10 remote controls for each piece of equipment… now that would defeat the purpose of having it conveniently taken care of by your hi-fi specialist team in Perth, wouldn’t it?! That’s why we sell home theatre remotes which are fully programmable to suit your needs. Don’t underestimate the power of one remote control in these situations, because we know it soon becomes difficult to remember which remote goes with what and how it all works… our knowledgeable staff will happily program your remote control for you as part of your hi-fi set-up.

Our range of audio-visual accessories include quality home theatre furniture in Perth, too. Your hi-fi system doesn’t need to be a jungle of cords and cables, and should look as good as it sounds.

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