Van Den Hul The Surf

The SURF interconnect is a high quality coaxial audio cable. It’s suitable for all RCA type audio connections.

  • Stranded center FUSION conductor guarantees first rate transparency, imaging and resolution. It’s free from grain and harshness.
  • Low capacitance due to high quality low-loss dielectrics. This leads to excellent dynamics and timing with no distortion. 
  • Multiple shielding for keeping the signal transfer clean from electrical noise and any kind of interference. Four layers ensure a high shielding factor and low shield impedance.
  • Linear Structured Carbon ® is used in both shield and core to add conductive layers thus enhancing resolution
  • Excellent protection against mechanical and chemical environmental aggression. Silver coated stranded conductors and a rugged purple/pink HULLIFLEX ® cable jacket for extended lifespan and long lasting performance without degradation.
  • All in all The SURF is a true audiophile performer. It’s  highly recommended for all your single-ended/unbalanced audio connections

Available in 1m and 1.5m lengths RCA – longer lengths available as special order.