Van Den Hul The River Hybrid

Van Den Hul’s coaxial entry level interconnect model with both centre core and shielding made of 3T conductors.

  • The two centre conductors are made of a 900 micron 3T single stranded conductor and individually coated with an extra L. S. C. layer.
  • Reduced capacitive load due to the enlarged distance between the centre conductors and the shield (screen) 
  • The shielding (screening) consists of four even layers: two made of heavy silver coated high quality copper multi-strand conductors and the other two are made of L. S. C. 
  • After a run-in (brake-in, burn-in) time of three to five hours you’ll be travelling through the dramatic improvement of the sound transmission. Destination: there where the music was first performed and registered.

Available in 1m and 1.5m lengths RCA – longer lengths available as special order only.