Van Den Hul The Name

Many people looking for affordable cabling in their home audio/video setup get confused by the many “nameless” cable products available on the market. With the brand of such cables generally being unknown and their very low price, doubt often rises whether they are a wise buy. They are inexpensive, yes. But how about performance, quality and durability? To make your choice easy, VDH have come out with a multi-purpose A/V interconnect that’s highly affordable, whilst maintaining the excellent qualities found in their upmarket and high-end cable products, which Van den Hul is renowned for.
Effortlessly outperforming the “nameless” brands on the market, Van Den Hul have baptised this new cable: The NAME

The NAME is ideal for use as audio interconnect in any situation, like wiring your home theatre setup or going from CD player to amplifier. Sheer sound quality!

Due to its accurate 75 Ohm standard transmission at high frequencies, The NAME however is also perfect in AV applications like antenna/cable TV, video, surround and S/PDIF digital audio connections. Trouble free and lasting high performance!

Available in 1m and 1.5m lengths RCA – longer lengths available as special order.