Van Den Hul Integration Hybrid

The INTEGRATION HYBRID’s design is based on the worldwide acclaimed D – 102 MKIII.

  • Highly resistant to interference noise: star quad configuration with four stranded FUSION conductors with a very effective triple layered shielding.
  • Low capacitance presents a low load to the signal source. This means that longer runs of cable can be used without losses.
  • Hybrid technology means the conductors are embedded in a conductive layer containing our Linear Structured Carbon ®).
  • Highly versatile. Besides being suitable for both unbalanced and balanced uses, it also serves perfectly as a music instrument or microphone cable.
  • Fusion Technology conductors are strong and are much less susceptible to break under frequent bending than the average copper cables.
  • Gold colored jacket in rugged HULLIFLEX ® jacket acts as an excellent protection for heavy use.

Available in 1m and 1.5m lengths XLR – longer lengths available as special order only.