Samsung QLED Series 7 Q7N

Introducing Samsungs new 2018 Series 7 QLED TV. Samsung’s sense of style is fully on display with this exceptional television. Featuring their exclusive One Clear Connect cable and One Connect Box technology it has never been easier to conceal messy and unsightly cables. Coupled with their leading QLED technology Samsung presents the finest combination of style and performance.

Available in the following sizes:

55″ – QA55Q7NAW

65″ – QA65Q7NAW

75″ – QA75Q7NAW



Q Colour: Five words – more than a billion colours. Watch TV shows and movies with realistic, accurate, and vibrant colours. Experience the intricate details of your favourite scenes, and feel as though you’re part of the picture.



One Clear Connection: Now everything – including the power cable – can be managed by a single, clear cable. One Clear Connection lets you store your devices out of sight by connecting them to the One Connect Box. Time to design your space with the 2018 Q9



Q Contrast Elite: Enjoy your entertainment undisturbed. Q Contrast Elite helps reveal intricate details hidden in dark scenes, even when you watch in bright rooms.



Q HDR (HDR 10+): Powered by HDR10+, Q HDR can provide a wide range of brightness and contrast to help you see through the director’s eyes. Discover details you may not have seen before, even in bright and dark scenes.



What is HDR 10+: An advanced HDR technology supported by leading studios, content distributors, and TV manufacturers, HDR10+ optimises every scene for colour, contrast, and details.



UHD Alliance: Certified by the UHD Alliance as UHD Premium, QLED TVs are designed to display UHD content in its true form.



4K Ultra HD: Experience premium 4K Ultra High Definition standards as defined by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).



Ultra HD: Certified with the ULTRA HD logo, the Q7’s images and Ultra High Definition display meet the high technical requirements defined by DIGITALEUROPE.



Q Engine: See spectacular picture quality powered by our intelligent Q Engine. Designed to analyse every scene, Q Engine helps bring you excellent colour, contrast and detail.



No more black screen: Show on-screen content that blends into your space when the TV is on standby using Ambient Mode – no more black screen. Enjoy the subtle display of photos, the time or weather onscreen, allowing content to appear as though it’s floating on the wall.



Décor: Give your room a splash of colour. Apply an interactive background that harmonises with your environment.



Info: Get useful information such as weather, outdoor temperature and the time displayed on the screen.



Photo: Relive your memories. Turn your living room into a personal gallery by displaying photos from your compatible mobile device.



Music: Enjoy background music in everyday life. Play music from your compatible smartphone when connected via Bluetooth.


Boundless 360° Design: The stunning, clean back and near bezel-less design keeps your focus on the incredible picture. Evoking minimalism from all angles, your eyes will be pulled into a pure viewing experience.


An intelligent way to enjoy smart TV: Find your entertainment the easy way. Control your devices with the One Remote Control and a simple hub to help you search less, and watch more. Enjoying TV has never been so easy!



One Remote Control: Easily access and control connected devices and content with just One Remote Control. Its auto-detection feature can connect and label connected devices, for quick and simple access. Easy to find, easy to use and just One Remote Control.



Smart Hub: Find everything in one place. Smart Hub gathers great entertainment for you to explore on one screen. Enjoy easy access to different content, and check out thumbnail previews before diving in.



Freeview Plus: Don’t miss an episode. Freeview Plus* lets you browse and choose free-to-air and catch-up TV shows from the one handy place, set reminders for favourite programs and receive recommendations. Simply press the green button on your remote control and get watching.



SmartThings: SmartThings can turn your QLED TV into a hub for your compatible smart home devices, from fridge, to washing machine to mobile phone. Control and monitor your smart home devices intelligently, with seamless interactions.