Parasound A23+

Parasound’s new Halo A 23+ power amplifier is the new successor to the highly regarded A23.
This new incarnation of Parasound’s endeavour to learn, improve and upgrade performance for the HALO range is a testament to the dedication they have done historically with all products. The goal is always to enhance where necessary and to improve the things that really matter at the critical levels, and that is always coupled with ensuring that the customer actually enjoys all the benefit!
Richard Schram, John Curl and the Parasound team’s continuous development of their exemplary product line, naturally led them to learn from the new HINT 6 in many respects in order to upgrade the A23 suitably to partner with the new and improved P6 Pre-amplifier (arguably the A23+’s fellow in audio partnership), and as such they have clearly outlined below some of the key enhancements and new features of the A23+

New Features (Changes from the original A23):
Power up from 125 → 160 Watts (8Ω)
Power up from 225 → 240 Watts (4Ω)
Power up from 400 → 500 Watts (bridged)
Improved Filter capacitance: 40,000 uF →54,400 uF
Improved Crosstalk performance (20kHz): 63dB → 70dB
Increased Transformer size: 1.0 kVA → 1.1 kVA
Refined Halo cosmetic with aluminium end caps & gold highlights
Updated rear panel with heavy duty speaker terminals from HINT 6
Upgraded internal gold on gold audio connections
Updated auto turn on circuit
Parasound’s new Halo A 23+ Amplifier with these latest embellishments is now a modern classic, with it’s high current Class A/AB amplification, smooth sounding MOSFET drivers, and balanced XLR inputs, this mighty amp will make any speaker sound better than ever before.
The new A23+ two channel amplifier now boasts 160 watts of power per channel into an 8 ohm load, and even 225 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load. It can of course be used effectively as a ‘mono-block’ in bridged mode as well meaning that you can get up to a very dexterous 500 watts into an 8ohm load for those of you requiring huge power into larger more challenging loads or larger spaces.