Luxman PD-171

The Luxman PD-171 is the powerful heart of any analogue playback system.

Its high output electronics offer impressive dynamics and resolution. A high torque synchronous AC motor drives a high inertia platter via a synthetic belt for smooth, seamless playback.

The precision-machined spindle rests on a wide Teflon bearing to ensure frictionless rotation. The PD-171’s statically-balanced custom Luxman tonearm glides smoothly on ball bearings for stable and reliable sound. The universal headshell allows easy cartridge replacement, and a detachable stylus light unobtrusively enhances visibility in a mood-lit room.

The PD-171 embodies Luxman’s long-standing philosophy: to utilize the most advanced technology through a conventional medium for unrivaled audio performance. The PD-171 reproduces any powerful musical achievement captured onto vinyl with the airiness and warmth that demanding analog enthusiasts have come to expect.

$9,499 (no cart)