Luxman DA-06

LUXMAN have launched the remarkable DSD-capable DA-06 D/A converter. This latest design DAC component will appeal to those seeking perfection in their sources. Every component regardless of price or prowess of the designer has a sonic signature. The Luxman DA-06 DAC reproduces music with a rich tonal balance and silky smooth midrange, yet a satiating amount of transparency. It’s capable to reproduces both PCM and DSD with a lush signature Luxman sound, and enables all listeners to get lost in the music rather than the format.

The DA – 06  incorporates a large-scale analog circuit, also corresponding to regenerate the USB input up to 384 KHZ / 32 bits PCM data and 5.64 MHz DSD data of digital circuit – its this level of quality that makes the DA-06 belongs to the upper high level of D/A converters. This super high performance converter can fully meet the latest market demand, with excellent usability and reliability, and its unique timbrewill allow  audio enthusiasts to fully enjoy the PC & MAC music with unlimited detail.