Cambridge Audio Azur 851W

Take the best and make it better. The result is the 851W, Cambridge Audio’s flagship power amp, which features immense power with incredibly low distortion. It’s flexible too, as it can be used in stereo, bi-amped or bridged mono configurations, and paired with the Cambridge Audio 851E pre-amp, or any of their digital pre-amps.  In bridged mono mode into 8 Ohms the 851W is a 500W monoblock amplifier. Into 4 Ohms, this figure increases to an incredible 800W.

The attention to detail is such that the 851W comes with its own high performance 20-amp power lead, while CAP5 circuitry protects it and other components in your hi-fi set up. The result is effortless control over any speaker, letting you re-discover your favourite music.

The 851W runs proprietary Class XD amplification. This combines the best of Class A and Class AB amplification, delivering the sound quality of a Class A amp while retaining the efficiency of a Class AB amp.