For seamless home cinema, the VM6 presents B&W s world-leading speaker technologies in a cabinet that mirrors the styling and dimensions of leading flat-panel TV screens. For the first time, you can enjoy sound and vision of the same high quality, from hardware that’s in harmony, too.

The VM6 can stand upright or sit horizontally, in the front or rear positions of a home cinema set-up. Teamed with a subwoofer, they’ll add a new dimension to your experience of home cinema.

Compared with other high quality stereo speakers, the vertically-inclined VM6 delivers superlative sound from a slimline cabinet with a much smaller footprint. On a tabletop or shelf, it takes up no more room than a vase.  Wherever you put your VM6s, you’ll get outstanding, upstanding stereo.

Equipped with B&W’s trademark Kevlar bass/midrange drive unit and a tweeter that can reach far higher than human hearing, the VM6 is an outstanding multipurpose speaker. Occupying all five positions in a home theatre set-up, it will bring the action right into your living room. In a stereo installation, with or without a subwoofer, it will add extra dynamism and presence to your music, too.