Monthly Archive: August 2018

Kii Audio THREE Fully Active System

New Kii on the Block

August 14, 2018 We are very, very proud to announce we are now the West Australian dealers for Kii Audio. The Kii THREE represents a whole new level of speaker/amplifier design and performance that must be heard to be believed. Utilising a cardioid design, this turnkey solution pushes most of the audio directly towards the listening spot, thereby...
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Billy Joel - Piano Man

Vinyl now live on the site

August 4, 2018 Our range of MoFi records is now available for your perusal on our website. Check out the link below, which will take you straight there. We will aim to only list what is currently available and in-store, but please check with the store to confirm. We can also send you a monthly updated list which...
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